About Us

We are all exceptionally distinctive. Born in several cities, nations, dates, and time. We cherish distinctive nourishment and music. When we are all so distinctive from each other why select the same career as our siblings did? Fair since they are fruitful at it? NO right?

We all stand in this place once in our lifetime where we are confounded to select: 1. What do we need? 2. Why do we need? 3. What career will make me successful? To handle all these deterrents and solve this perplexity we near2career are here to assist you.

From a student to the student, for a student.

Near2Career is a user-friendly website where you'll discover a assortment of career choices extending from innovation to expressions. We moreover assist you to select distinctive delicate aptitudes based on up and coming specialized employments. As students, the issue of selecting a career of choice has continuously been a colossal issue thus as students we developed this site for you all.