Our vision is to provide an objective assessment of one's skill set and caliber that recommend a right stream to choose.The assessment enables the individual to weigh up the pros and cons of each stream, identify potential opportunities and challenges, and also gain an understanding of the potential impact this decision would have on their overall well-being.

Exploring multiple paths and understanding the pros and cons of each, they can make an educated decision that aligns with their long-term goals and values. This type of research allows individuals to compare and contrast different job roles and opportunities so they can identify which one is the best fit.

Career Guidance - Top Categories


Students pick their stream for class 11th after completing grade 10, and one of the streams with the most potential prospects is science. The three branches of science are PCM, the non-medical branch, PCB, the clinical branch, and PCMB, the veterinary branch.


The Arts stream offers the most diverse curriculum, including courses in disciplines like history, geography, political science, philosophy, psychology, Hindi, and other regional languages. Numerous job prospects exist both domestically and internationally for those who study the arts.


Subjects offered in the business department are economics, accounting, statistics, business studies and mathematics/informatics practices.This stream has difference for subjects you have studied up to class 10.If you want to study economics, passing mathematics is mandatory.


Engineering branches include Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical, Instrumentation and Control,etc


The field of medicine offers opportunities unmatched by any other discipline. From treating deadly diseases to leading healthy lives, medical professionals have always been the most respected people in our society.Medical courses include MBBS,MS,MD,BAMS,BHMS,B.VSc,etc


Courses offered in Architecture are B.Sc Architectural Technology (Hons), BA - Architecture - Design Studies, Bachelor of Arts - Architecture,Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments,Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons),etc.


Courses offered in Management are BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration,BHM(Bachelor of Hotel Management),IPM (Integrated Program in Management),Bachelor of Retail Management,etc.


Accounting is the backbone of any business organization as it is the only way to track financial status and helps stakeholders make future decisions.Accounting courses are available in both academic and professional programs.


Entrance Examination is the mode for getting affirmation into different UG, PG and proficient degree courses, which is conducted by instructive organizing and colleges.students clearing the respective exam can gain affirmations to specialized degree of their choice.

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